The Top 10 Football Applications

Since we can’t always be plonked in front of the TV watching Soccer Saturday and because we might miss the occasional game, any football fan, would be all too glad to have the option to follow the action on their phone. It’s a real luxury to be updated with live scores, results and the like without the need hunt down a computer.

There are plenty of apps out there which give iPhone and iPod users the opportunity to do just that. But with a world of choice available, it can often be pretty difficult to decipher which application does the best job. Football fans looking for a way to pass the time may also be wondering which football simulator to purchase. Is ‘FIFA 11’ better than ‘Real Football 2011’? Moreover, is ‘Championship Manager 2011’ better value for money than ‘Football Manager 2011’? Or has Heineken’s recently launched ‘StarPlayer’ changed the football app landscape with its latest Champions League game? All shall be revealed below as we count down the top ten football related applications.

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