The top TEN ‘Fashion Faux Pas’ in football…what were they thinking?

One of the things we often forget when thinking about footballers is that they are just normal men like everyone else, just with extraordinary talent and a very healthy wage packet and plenty of time to spend it – not to mention they are internationally famous and photographed on multiple occasions. Put all this together and you can head for a fashion disaster.

Players thinking they look as good off the field as they do on it, with crazy haircuts and outrageously expensive outfits that look like they’ve been put on before the player has looked in a mirror, no player is safe from paparazzi, cameras or I phones taking pictures, millions seeing them on twitter and then ending up on a ‘top ten fashion faux pas’ list.  So who are the worst culprits and what did they do to deserve a place on this list?

Click on Balotelli to unveil the top 10


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