The top TEN football personalities on ‘Easy Street’ at the moment

Footballer’s wages and earnings have always been questioned ever since the great Jimmy Hill had the wage cap in football abolished in the early 60s. The thought that 22 men get paid more in a week than most earn in year certainly boils the blood of many who fail to accept how the correlation of big money and kicking a leather ball around for 90mins.

Michael Owen came out last year in defence of footballers wages claiming they deserve their share, considering they earn their employers huge amount of money:

“Not denying footballers get paid a lot of money, they do however earn their employers huge amounts. If that’s the case then surely they deserve their share? Nobody seems to mention singers, actors, golfers, F1 drivers etc that earn far more than footballers yet we take all the abuse – Footballers are entertainers, they draw in huge crowds just like those mentioned.”

The Manchester United striker may have point, but it still doesn’t stop some of us having a pop from time to time.

The good people at Pot Noodle have been compiling their ‘Easy Street Top 100’ that celebrates the celebrities and ordinary people who have worked hard to land themselves the easy life. This segment looks at the footballers who subsequently have an easy life.

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