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The top TEN players that the Premier League just ‘wasn’t built for’

Howlers, we’re all prone to a wiffy performance or two. There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve forgotten your shooting boots or your touch has let you down once again. There are times when it’s even a struggle to move around the pitch without tripping over your own feet. If you’re lucky this lasts at most, for 90 minutes, the endless ridicule from your mates is painful but at least it’ll all be forgotten about in the morning.

However, there are some players, who claim to be professionals no less, who suffer this humiliation from the day they arrive in the Premier League to the moment they’re ushered out the door. They’re usually the subjects of a big money transfer, drafted in from foreign shores with the expectations of an entire city instantly weighing down on their shoulders. Yet, despite a big reputation they struggle to adapt and whether it’s the unfamiliar food, weather, language, traditions or style of football, some players just aren’t suited to the Premier League.

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Article title: The top TEN players that the Premier League just ‘wasn’t built for’

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