The top TEN ‘transfer disasters’ in the January window

The January transfer window is in full swing at the moment and while it has been a relatively quiet time so far, with loan signings and players coming out of retirement being the order of the day, you do sense that we are witnessing the calm before the eventual transfer storm. Millions are likely to be shed in the coming fortnight, as club managers cannot resist spending their chairman’s money.

Some see the window as a bad time to do business and dare I say a period for panic buying as clubs look for that source of inspiration that is going to help get their club over their respective line they need to cross. There has been plenty of money squandered as a result and surely the £85m spent on Andy Carroll and Fernando Torres last year highlights the perils of last minute shopping. It got me thinking about the worst other transfers that have taken place in the past January windows and to be honest the aforementioned duo are certainly not alone, although it is fair to say they were a damn sight cheaper.


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