The ultimate ‘Football Manager XI’ (I’m sure we all signed them)

For any wannabe Wenger’s, Mourinho’s or Ferguson’s, Football Manager has been the place to cut their teeth. Over the years millions have sat in front of the computer screens, deciding on their matchday tactics and delving into the transfer market to make their team unbeatable.

Like the managerial greats, we have all made a few bad signings but we have also unearthed a number of gems. Whether we have been fortunate enough to bring them to our club or have seen somebody snatch them from under our noses, their importance has not been missed.

Here are those players that we love, together in a Football Manager XI that would bring guaranteed success in this free-flowing 4-3-3 formation.

Click on Febian Brandy to unveil the Football Manager XI



Compiled by Josh Robbins


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