Three reasons Newcastle must sack Alan Pardew

Perhaps we shouldn’t have expected any different, considering Newcastle entered tonight’s Premier League clash with Arsenal on the back of five league defeats. But once again, the Magpies put in a woeful display, that for much of the match bordered upon an attack vs defence training exercise. It certainly wasn’t pretty for the Toon’s travelling fans, who witnessed their side succumb to a 3-0 defeat.

In the modern age of the Premier League, it’s easy to point the finger at the manager. But to be rather frank, head-butting extraordinaire Alan Pardew has done himself no favours. In need of a reaction tonight, the Magpies boss once again failed to deliver.

So in homage to Pardew’s floundering dugout career, here’s three reasons the Tyneside outfit need to wield the sacking axe as soon as possible:

1. Set pieces

Poor defending at set pieces has continually plagued Newcastle over the past few seasons, as these Magpies supporters were keen to point out on Twitter:

This is the kind of thing you’d expect a Premier League manager to be sorting out on the training pitch, but despite his many free weekends to ponder Newcastle’s most intrinsic flaw, it’s quite clear that Alan Pardew just hasn’t bothered.

Within half an hour, the Tyneside visitors conceded…from an Arsenal set piece.

Moments later, it almost happened again:

2. The fans hate him

Over the years, the Premier League has witnessed many managers fall afoul of their respective fanbases. But Alan Pardew’s frosty rapport with the Magpies support is perhaps the longest, most turbulent and continually strained relationship between fan and manager the English top flight has ever seen.

Just take a look at these scathing attacks on the Newcastle boss, from the club’s own supporters, during tonight’s defeat to Arsenal:

3. The record.

Before this game, Alan Pardew already held the rather unenviable record of overseeing the most consecutive defeats of Newcastle’s Premier League history, with five. Well, today, as the Magpies weltered against the Gunners, that record went one further to six, much to the disappointment of these Toon fans:

That’s relegation form, in fact it’s beyond relegation form. It’s Derby County’s relegation form from their last Premier League campaign. Pardew was already on borrowed time, surely tonight’s defeat was the last straw.