Top 10 Most Annoying Celebrity Football Supporters

There are certain fads among the celebrity elite that seem to come and go quicker than a Manchester City title challenge. Taking up yoga, vegetarianism adopting babies from Africa have all been popular among the special famous people that don’t have to wait inline at the bar like the rest of us. The latest in vogue activity for the rich and famous is supporting a football team.

When I say ‘supporting’ I mean it in the prawn sandwich eating loosest term of the word, not attending matches or actually giving a toss, just affiliating themselves with the most popular team they can think of or the one that’s going to get them more followers on twitter. The past few years have seen an increase in so-called celebs letting everyone who’ll listen, and even those who won’t, which team they ‘love’ and cannot bear to see lose, well at least feel a trifle tad disappointed when those beastly other teams beat them, so much so they have to have another glass of Moet to ease the pain.

I’m sure I can’t be the only fan sick of hearing part-time celebrity tosspots getting involved in the game we all love just because it seems like the ‘cool’ thing to do. Don’t get me wrong there are exceptions – Alastair Campbell is arguably as big a Burnley fan as anyone and certainly hasn’t started following them to tap into any zeitgeist. The problem is for many celebrity fans hating United also becomes a populist trait they quickly adopt, regardless of which team it is they’re supposed to be following.

Here’s my top ten list of celebrity fans who should stick to following the cricket, and remember, this was compiled by a Man United fan, so leave your suggestions for annoying celebrity United supporters below…


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List compiled by Justin at the excellent Red Flag Flying High

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