Top TEN controversial players to ever play in the Premier League

After Joey Barton once again stole the headlines this weekend after his antics in the Arsenal game, it seems that some footballers just can’t stay out of the new for longer than a few days. Barton is just one of the many players like this and this list highlights these players who have made a massive impression on the Premier League and not just on the pitch.

Some of these players have one or two controversial moments during their career that will be talked about for years to while others have spent their entire career causing controversy. There is no doubt that these add spice to the football landscape and is what makes fans either hate or love a particular club.

These players have had careers that have been overshadowed by controversy or they may have made the switch to their fierce rivals causing a storm for the player in question. Whatever it is they have caused more headlines for their off the field behaviour rather than their success on the pitch.

Here are my selections for the top ten controversial players ever to play in the Premier League. Expect Mario Balotelli go about cementing his place on the list during this season.

Click on Joey Barton to unveil the top 10

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