Top TEN Premier League ‘transfer rogues’

With player power playing a more significant role in transfers these days it’s not common to hear of a footballer forcing a move for himself for those so called ‘football reasons.’

It’s becoming all too common seeing a player cry on in a newspaper or tweet he’s ‘gone as far as he could’ or ‘wants a bigger challenge’ in an attempt to engineer a transfer to a desired club. In a few rare circumstances these reasons are valid but 99% of the time money is the key motivation for moving.

Players crave the highest wage possible and clubs are struggling to meet their sky high demands. It makes better financial sense to give a player the move he wants rather than having him linger round a stadium he doesn’t want to call home any longer.

The lengths that some players go to in an effort to force through a transfer are at times comical. Scanning twitter to find a player beaming widely into a camera whilst lugging his expensive bag off an airport conveyer belt or spotting them having a secret meeting with the manager trying to sign them then walking out none the wiser when the flashbulbs are glaring are funny.

But 99% of the time their actions could pop the blood vessel that is quickly becoming more and more prominent on the brow of fans. Threats of striking, ridiculous twittering and lacklustre performances are all traits of a player who wants out. Fans crave loyalty in an age where players pledging their allegiances to a side means absolutely zilch. It all boils down to money and players engineer their moves to get the best deal for them even if it means moving to a team lower down the league.

So here you have it the Top TEN rogues who engineered their own transfer!


List compiled by Jak Penny


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