Top TEN ‘Worst Thought Out’ Premier League Transfers Of All Time

In light of my recent article on the pear-shaped nature of Michael Owen’s move to Manchester United from the player’s perspective, here is my top ten list of the most poorly thought-out and conceived transfers in recent Premier League history.

Now, this isn’t simply another flop article – we can all name which players have been flops in the past. The criteria for inclusion in this illustrious list are moves that lacked either any coherent thought or long-term planning behind them, whether that be from the club’s perspective or the player’s. The sort of moves that look completely pointless from the outset as opposed to ones that failed to live up to their expectations. The sort of transfer that make you question aloud “why on earth has he done that!”

Michael Owen’s move to Man Utd for example, has been beneficial for the club, as they acquired a squad player capable of coming off the bench and making a difference. However, from the player’s point of view, the move that was intended to reignite his England career has all but ended it. Whereas Sergei Rebrov for example, while undoubtedly a flop, you can at least see the thought process behind Tottenham’s move for the player as he was undoubtedly one of Europe’s hottest striking properties at the time. So here are my top ten in no discernable order…


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List compiled by James McManus

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