Norwich v Tottenham – confirmed starting XIs

Fighting for their lives at the bottom of the table, Norwich City had a busy transfer window, splashing the cash on the likes of Steven Naismith for quite a bit of dough. And all so that they can get their hands on even more dough next season.

Though let’s be fair, there are more sporting reasons for wanting to stay in the Premier League beyond this season, but the fact is that next season’s Premier League will be more lucrative than any other footballing season anywhere. The TV deal has seen to that, and clubs want to be a part of it. Now all the have to do is start winning football matches….

Spurs, on the other hand, will be looking just to plod along. They didn’t have a particularly busy transfer window, but then again they’re not a side looking to inject anything artificial into their team, all they want to do is be the most consistent team between now and the end of the season. If they do that, they could find themselves lifting a big trophy at the end of the season. How nice would that be? It’s certainly less stressful that fighting for their lives at the other end of the table.

Here are tonight’s teams: