Watch: From an infamous Norwich effort to a Gareth Bale collector’s item. Fans name their favourite ever kits

The Pl>ymaker FC squad are taking a trip down memory lane by showing off their favourite football kits of all time.

Nowadays, Premier League clubs will release three different shirts every season in an attempt to capture the imagination of fans in an oversaturated marketplace but the popularity of retro shirts has never been greater.

Perhaps it’s the financial burden of having to fork out £60 for a new shirt every year or just nostalgia for a simpler time (when was the last time you placed a bet with an online Chinese casino or banked with Standard Chartered?) but the message from fans is clear; you can’t beat the classics.

In the video above, the squad get sentimental over an infamous “bird poo”-inspired effort from the 90s, a relic from Gareth Bale’s humble beginnings and every hipster’s dream shirt amongst others.