Pantomime villain strikes; Twitter rejoices

We all love to hate Diego Costa. The most evil-looking of strikers makes for the perfect pantomime villain with his snarling appearance and dodgy style of play. Sunderland cannot afford to lose to Chelsea at the Stadium of Light, but Costa’s goal has put Sam Allardyce’s side up against in already.

Sunderland fans aren’t happy and its fair to say there’s some anger in the air.

People just don’t like Costa – or Sunderland – but Arsenal fans are clearly confused about who to feel more bitter about.

Fortunately the world isn’t overrun with Sunderland fans and we have some rather chirpy Geordies about, too!

Newcastle probably want to make sure that they do their own job (beating Villa) before they have too much of a chuckle at Sunderland’s failings.

No one seems to like Sunderland. Is it because of Big Sam? The poor guy, all he ever does is produce beautiful, slick football. He’s a gift to the Premier League and Sunderland have just been doing wonderfully for years.

The Blues have lost their title, but they’re sure having an impact!