Past treatment proving detrimental to Liverpool?

The securing of a predecessor to Kenny Dalglish is a hot topic on Merseyside, and with Frank De Boer the latest candidate to decline the position is it a job that few people want?

Kenny Dalglish won the Carling Cup for Liverpool this year, but following another disappointing Premiership campaign was shown the door at Anfield last week. The fact that Dalglish won The Reds their first trophy since 2006 was still not enough for the Liverpool board, and given their eagerness to part terms with the 61 year old, other managers in contention could be thinking twice before taking charge of the league cup holders.

The sacking of Dalglish emphasises the importance seen by owners of finishing in the top four of the Premier League. Despite a disappointing campaign and an 8th place finish, Liverpool did beat Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City this season, as well as reaching two domestic cup finals, winning one. The pressure put on managers by FSG has already been seen to take its toll on Liverpool, as Roy Hodgson and Kenny Dalglish have now both been sacked for not producing enough form to get them into the top four.

Frank De Boer’s unwillingness to take the job at Anfield came just days after Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers also distanced himself from the post. FSG may have set a dangerous precedent by sacking Kenny Dalglish despite his successes, as others are now fearful to take the job. The owners thinking for a new manager seems clear: finish in the top four or get axed.

Whilst under Dalglish, there may have been poor home form and a lack of consistency, but the performances against other clubs in the top half of the division demonstrated the Scotsman’s solid tactical thinking and managerial capabilities. Accompanied with the Carling Cup victory and an unfortunate FA Cup final defeat to Chelsea, there were some excellent performances from Liverpool at times this season. But clearly, this still wasn’t enough for the owners to keep him on at Anfield.

Speculation now surrounds both Roberto Martinez and Andre Villas Boas. Villas Boas is a manager all too familiar with the pressures of big money owners wanting a top four finish, having been sacked from Chelsea in March. The managerial situation at Liverpool is now similar to that of what has been seen at Chelsea. Both clubs owners put a ridiculous amount of pressure on their managers ensuring a top four finish.

The actions by FSG to sack Dalglish may prove to be more detrimental to Liverpool than they intended. With two managers who have already declined the manager’s position at Anfield, fear of failure may still deter others. Whoever does come in will have to realise the importance of a top four finish and make it achievable, or as we have already seen, they will most likely face the axe.

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