Pot & kettle… Arsenal fan slates Liverpool supporters

How Arsenal managed to come away from Anfield with anything is still a mystery! Arsene Wenger’s side just weren’t at the races from the first ball to the last, with Brendan Rodgers’ team showing more intent, creativity and to desire bag all three points. So, despite conceding in the 97th minute, you can certainly say it was a point gained rather than two lost for the Gunners.

In the modern era of social media, we’ve seen a huge surge in amount of fan ‘tv’ shows sweeping the net, with people like Manchester United’s Andy Tate becoming ‘celebrities’. Arsenal Fan TV tends to generate the best ‘LOOOOOOOOLZ’, though, with regular guests such as Bully, Claude and Ty continually embarrassing themselves.

Although Arsenal Fan TV is the reason we are here, it isn’t actually because of one the aforementioned trio; no, we are here because of a Gooner called ‘Liam’ who believes that Liverpool fans should be embarrassed about the lack of atmopshere at Anfield – I mean, it isn’t like Highbury was known as the ‘Library’, Liam, mate…