Premier League hat-tricks – Name the first players to score one with these surnames

We all love seeing someone bang in a hat-trick, especially when they’re perfect (left foot, right foot, header).

How about when they’re quick, with Sadio Mane breaking Robbie Fowler’s time for the quickest Premier League hat-trick ever scored just a few weeks ago.

We’ve seen plenty of impressive ones over the years, too. But can you remember any from the early years of the Premier League?

There has to be a first for everything, so we’re asking you whether you remember the first players to have scored a Premier League hat-trick with surnames beginning with A, B, C, D, E and F.

We’ve given you two minutes to get them all in, so the pressure’s on! And once you’re done, make sure you challenge your mates to beat you on Twitter and Facebook, and then submit your score to our leaderboard.

Think you know the Premier League? Well, prove it!

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