Premier League legend perfectly sums up Liverpool v Man United

When big games come around, they usually go one of two ways- either a classic that is remembered for years to come or a boring result that makes us wonder if we’ll regret sitting through 90 minutes of football on our deathbed. Unfortunately, it was the latter this evening.

Jose Mourinho’s gritty tactics worked at Anfield as his Manchester United side shut up shop to come away with a point, in a game where neither side really offered anything. Billed as the match of the weekend and occupying Monday night’s prime spot, it actually ended up being the worst game of the weekend.

The build-up to the latest chapter in Liverpool and Manchester United’s bitter feud ended up being a waste of words and Liverpool missed the chance of moving joint-top of the Premier League, whilst United stay seventh behind Everton and Chelsea.

In situations like this, the least said the better and Alan Shearer perfectly put into words the way we’re all feeling this evening. At least there’s Champions League action tomorrow…