Premier League: What we learned from the midweek action

Midweek Premier League action is one of life’s great treats. Whether the winter break would be beneficial or not, it is always great to have this extra portion of Premier League football during the cold, dark nights around Christmas. It can, as so many cliché-ridden pundits will tell you, be a truly pivotal point in a campaign, too.

Everyone loves a narrative and the festive fixtures so often throw up a fair share. Sky and BT can fill their boots with cringeworthy plays on words, pundits can question the rotation policies of managers and fans get to generate the sort of raucous atmosphere that is almost exclusive to midweek football.

This week, too, there seemed to be so much at stake in the Premier League. The bottom of the table changed and results for the top sides shifted the weight of pressure somewhat. While it was not the feast of goals that we have seen regularly of late, it still presented layer upon layer of fascination.

So, here are five of the key points from all the midweek action.