Premier Picks – Join the best Premier League predictor on the internet

Consider yourself the Premier League’s equivalent to Mystic Meg? Are you always leaving the bookies quids in after successfully anticipating all the weekend action? If that’s the case, then Premier Picks is the prediction game for you.

With the Premier Picks predictor you can win points each week for successfully predicting Premier League scorelines and results – offering up three points for a correct score, one point for a correct result and unfortunately nothing for neither. These are then accumulated over the Premier League’s 38 gameweeks to give you a total points haul.

Correct score – 3 points

Correct result – 1 point

Incorrect result – 0 points

And you can test your total points in one of the pre-existing mini-leagues or create one of your own, to see how your skills stack up against friends, family members, colleagues and whoever else you manage to recruit.

There are also monthly prizes based on performance as you compete with other Premier Picks challengers out to prove they’re the best when it comes to predicting Premier League outcomes.

It’s totally free, easy to use and loads of fun, so what are you waiting for? Sign up to Premier Picks and see whether you have what it takes to be the top dog! You can even test yourself against the writers and readers here at Football FanCast – just follow these easy steps…

Sign up here:

 Go to Mini Leagues in the navigation

Go to Join Mini League and enter this code – iqbMHtwb