Proof that Man United ace is the best in the league

Tweets of the Week is the latest episode of The FanCast and, as always – okay, we are biased  – it is a belter! The best of the social LOLS, insight and amusement has been complied for your easy viewing.

There’s a lot covered – and I mean A LOT – so you don’t want me here, holding up your viewing pleasure, so, I’ll be sure to make this quick without giving too much away. However, one thing I will say is that why has it taken Louis van Gaal so long to realise Juan Mata’s worth?

The former Chelsea midfielder was quite rightly Man of the Match against Liverpool on Sunday – seriously, how good was the Spaniard’s second goal?! – but van Gaal hasn’t always been keen on the midfielder’s contribution; he will no doubt be sold on the former Valencia man after viewing Mata’s phenomenal stats since he joined the Premier League. Honestly, watch the video below, you’ll be surprised!

[ffcvideo file=”video-2015/twitterB25032015″ type=”mp4″]