Shattering the Tangerine’s Dream! The Chelsea Football FanCast #130


Chidge and the boys mull over Sunday’s 4-0 win against the Tangerines and decide that it was probably a game of one half!

Chelsea played like a rare, highly priced and exotic fruit in the first half and stormed to a 4-0 lead. Blackpool played like, well a bunch of seedless; past their sell by date tangerines from Borough market. But strange as it may seem, Chelsea couldn’t make their pips squeak in the second half and it became more of a sloppy training session rather than the 10 nil demolition it should have been.

But hey, who’s moaning. We won 4-0 nil, we’re four points clear with a goal difference of 20. Question is, have we just witnessed pre-season and does the season start on Saturday 25th against Man Citeh?

All these important issues and questions are answered on the show as well as all the key issues from the game. The boys also award their Man of the Match; Chant of the Match; Celery and Guinness moments.

Another classic terrace song from the terraces is belted out (tunelessly!) in “We’re out show the world the way to sing” and having been AWOL last week, the good Dr is back in the surgery to answer all of your Chelsea related questions in Dear Mart.

The Chelsea Football FanCast: Shattering the Tangerine’s Dream!

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