Sheffield United forward Oli McBurnie’s Scotland comments discussed by Pat Nevin

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Footballers have to be careful nowadays, they really do.

There’s a reason why we see our favourite stars covering up their mouths when they want to whisper something to a teammate or opponent at the end of a game.

Words can so easily be misconstrued, and even if you’re talking about what you’re going to have for dinner that night, a player will often find themselves on the back pages of certain outlets accused of threatening to kill X or Y’s dog.

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Sheffield United forward Oli McBurnie’s recent comments may not have been as innocent as trivially quoting his designated grub for the evening, nor as sinister as calling a hit on an opponent’s pooch, but they weren’t particularly smart either.

For those unaware, the Blades’ £20m record-signing was essentially caught out saying he didn’t particularly want to join up with the Scotland national team, using some very choice words.

McBurnie has since faced criticism, but BBC 5 Live Sport’s Pat Nevin believes the whole thing could be a misunderstanding…

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