Shocking… This League Two pitch has been devastated by Storm Desmond

If, like most young British lads, you spent your youth representing your local park every Sunday, you’ll be no stranger to a soggy pitch.

Indeed, water-logged seemed to be a term only applicable to professional fixtures when growing up. The rest of us played on surfaces closer resembling the murky swamps of the Everglades, with hailstones hitting your face at 100 miles per hour and wind colder than Heather Mills’ heart shooting up your oversized shorts, and it seemed no conditions actually met the criteria of ‘unplayable’.

Yet, even the Sunday Youth League Association (if that’s an actual thing) would probably rule a condemning verdict over the state of Carlisle United’s pitch at the moment, which has taken an absolute battering from Storm Desmond.

It’s good news they were playing away to Welling United in the FA Cup today, because something tells me Brunton Park would have been deemed water-logged…

Luckily, the Cumbrians’ next home fixture isn’t for another two weeks.