Simply The 15 ‘most overrated’ players in the Premier League

Football fans can be fickle. I include myself in that statement. Far too often, I have been left frustrated with players, shouting at the TV in anger as to why they didn’t pass the ball or take that golden opportunity. Most players who display inconsistencies or lack of talent are eventually found out by fans and labelled as useless. However, these 15 players have escaped the torment and, for some reason, are considered as brilliant footballers by many, despite their regular mistakes, unwarranted mammoth price tags or lack of consistency.

While some of these listed players have moments of brilliance, some are just downright poor players, who have managed to worm their way into teams that are able to carry them and make them look 10 times better than they actually are. From the Premier League Champions to the Kings of Europe, most Premier League squads have a couple of overrated stars hidden on their rosters. Take a look for yourself…

Click on David Luiz to start the countdown of overrated Premier League players

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