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Simply The TEN ‘worst aspects’ of football

There are so many wonderful aspects to the beautiful game, which we are entertained by week in week out. Whether its a glorious goal, a wonderful passing move, or an exceptional last minute challenge, we are extremely lucky to be able to witness such enjoyable feats every week in the game. However modern day football isn’t perfect and there is also a darker side which pervades across the sport and continually threatens to ruin our enjoyment of the game.

The game has come a long way in the last few decades and whilst it still provides a great spectacle, a lot of the changes that have come into the game have negatively affected the sport. The sport is now filled with frustrating rules and aspects that threaten to ruin our enjoyment of the game. Petty rules can end up spoiling the game as we just want to see the fairest match possible. A lack of certain rules can also threaten our enjoyment of the game, as some players take advantage of this, and try in any way they can to gain an advantage for their sides. Poor behaviour by certain players is another negative aspect of modern day football and something which needs to be cracked down upon.

The game now seems overrun with certain aspects that blight matches every single week and if we aren’t careful to get a grip on some of these aspects by either changing the rules, bringing in new rules or dealing out harsher punishments for those bringing the game into disrepute, then these aspects will continue to ruin our enjoyment of the sport.

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Article title: Simply The TEN ‘worst aspects’ of football

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