Simply the top 10 ‘Terrace Legends’ at Arsenal

It is a mammoth task to compile just 10 of the many legends that have walked through the door at Arsenal. From the foreign purchases to home grown talent, the underlying factor has been the Arsenal supporters and their waving of the sword to signify a new hero at either Highbury or Ashburton Grove.

The current group of players and the trophy drought may make it seem difficult to remember a time of rampaging midfield generals and exquisite forwards, but the halls of Arsenal are forever filled with the names of those who have made the club great.

There are disappointments in that many of the recent stars of Arsenal have not gone on to fulfil their roles as undoubted legends of the club, seeking riches elsewhere and losing touch with the importance of the club. But regardless of their actions, it shouldn’t take away from the very real but often disguised figures in the team who are likely to go on to fill in their names alongside the greats of the club.

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Ian Wright Arsenal striker

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