Simply the Top TEN ‘football transfers’ that might have been

The power of hindsight, what a wonderful thing. Yes many managers have been cursing their luck over the years not only about poor performances, injuries and rumours surrounding their future, but instead about the players they missed out on, and watched move successfully onto other wanting pastures. Yes, dig deeper into the cavernous history of football and you will find some of the game’s biggest names could have indeed been plying their trade for your team, failing a frank ‘thanks but no thanks’ from the clubs administering powers that be. Yes, they get it wrong too.

Managers may be shaking their heads at ever letting these players walk out of the exit door, and will always be frustratingly left with the ponderous notion of what might have been. Whilst you continually have your head in your hands at the lacklustre performances of some of your teams’ poorer personnel, take a look at what you could have won. Here are the top ten transfers that might have been.

Click on Jon Obi Mikel to unveil the top 10



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