Southampton and West Ham players perform… A World Cup ‘Plane Predictor’

With now just one week to go until Roy Hodgson announces his 30-man provisional squad to take to Miami in preparation for the World Cup, the England boss got his penultimate chance to assess his hopefuls’ form ahead of his final decision.

A subdued weekend in the Premier League for some was a frantic scrap for others, as Cardiff and Fulham’s relegation woes were confounded. Manchester City took the initiative in the title race as they ended Everton’s hopes of a top four finish, and similar problems emerged for Manchester United as they slumped to their seventh league defeat at Old Trafford this season.

Hodgson has made clear that there will be no latecomers to the party, so whilst he has likely finalised the 30 men in his mind, we take one last look at the performances of those peripheral few who will still be hoping to make the final cut.

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Andy Carroll