Spurs fan takes hate for Arsenal a step too far?

Regardless of who you support, there’s always a team that you genuinely hate with a passion.

Some will say that hate is a strong word. But you’d be surprised when it comes to rivals clubs and the way you some fans perceive them.

Take Arsenal and Tottenham, for instance. Their rivary has to be up there with one of the biggest in the world. Both sets of fans can’t stand each other and when they play each other it’s all about bragging rights. Arsenal have enjoyed the lion’s share of said bragging rights for decades now, but Spurs fans continue to give their hate back in equal measure.

But this Spurs fan perhaps took his hate for Arsenal to a whole new level before Saturday’s north London derby at the Emirates Stadium.

During a game of Higher and Lower on ArsenalFan TV, where typically everything was in favour of the Gunners, one Spurs fan claims that he prefers “that lot over in Iraq” to you lot. That lot being the radical terrorist organisation ISIS. You know, the evil that almost the entire world are now at war with?

Perhaps a bit strong, but it was probably all in jest. Although you never know with some football fans these days…