Stats prove Mourinho parked the bus again

Say what you want about Jose Mourinho and his success, there is little argument to the fact that his style of football is pretty boring. Sure, it wields results, but it doesn’t give us much to shout about.

The Portuguese boss has mastered the art of parking the bus and, after years of Chelsea being ridiculed, the baton now falls to Manchester United and in the biggest game of the Premier League season so far, Mourinho has shown he hasn’t changed his ways.

It all seems a bit of a waste really when you’ve spent a world-record fee on Paul Pogba, put him in a side with one of the greatest strikers in this generation and establishing an eleven of quality players that can give any side a run for their money, only to put everyone behind the ball and do nothing going forward.

It’s all very nice having Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and co in the side but when you muster a measly 35% of possession, it makes you wonder if it’s worth spending all that cash or if it would be more financially beneficial to utilise Bebe in this role instead.

Don’t worry, only 30 games of Manchester United’s boring campaign left to go…