Stoke City face drubbing from Manchester City; Twitter reacts in hilarious fashion

As Manchester City storm ahead to a 4-0 lead, Twitter took the opportunity to mock everyone’s least favourite club. Kelechi Iheanacho bagged a brace to continue his wonderful season and the Potters managed to concede four goals for the third consecutive game as Shay Given and Haugaard have been left with a defence that is parting like the red sea.

Ryan Shawcross’ return has seen the side crumble dramatically and their Europa League hopes have faded quicker than Kieron Dyer’s career.

Mark Hughes’ return to his former club has been calamitous. Unsurprisingly, Chelsea fans managed to find a way to turn this game to being about them.

Stoke fans think this end of season collapse is bad..? Imagine what its like to be a Gunner… every season!

The ‘talismanic’ Shawcross was meant to improve Stoke on his return, unfortunately its been quite the opposite.

However, some people would surely take this as a compliment… it doesn’t seem like it was.

At least there’s been a slight positive today… the continued excellence of Kelechi Iheanacho.

The Potters have been a sorry sight for a few games now and it looks like injuries and dreams of the summer beaches have distracted a team that threatened to be closer to West Ham than Bournemouth..