Sunderland vs. Arsenal has more than relegation and top four at stake

Although the race for the Premier League title is, perhaps, the big one for the coming few games of the season, the battles against relegation and for a spot in the top four are extremely intriguing.

And that’s what makes this weekend’s meeting at the Stadium of Light one of the games to watch, with Sunderland – very much at the lower end of the division – against Arsenal – who are striving towards another season dining at Europe’s top table.

Alas, there’s more than just which competitions teams will be in next season on the menu, with pizzas at stake too! That’s right, the top folks over at Papa John’s will give you 50% off your next order if the team you back scores two or more goals in this big Sunday game. So forget that roast, click here and sign up for FREE. And it get’s even better as this ‘Big Match Special’ runs alongside all other offers! WOW!

So who to back? The logical choice seems to be the Gunners, who have been the FOURTH most effective team in terms of scoring two or more goals and winning supporters pizza, with a staggering tally of 20 in the ‘Score Twice, Half Price’ table – that’s a 59% return.

Sunderland meanwhile are far less effective – they’re in a lowly 62nd spot between St Johnstone and Chesterfield – but they did enough last weekend with a 3-0 victory at Norwich, and they have lots to play for here!

Papa J