Tal Ben Haim vs Chelsea and 5 even more stupid red cards

We all love an idiotic red card, don’t we? Tal Ben Haim provided a total brain fart of a red card for us in the Champions League tonight and he has lead us to compile a list of the most stupid red cards we can remember.

Ben Haim decided he was going to try and kick Diego Costa into two pieces towards the end of the first half this evening, if anyone can tell why he actually did it, we will give you a medal (we won’t).

Okay, so we can kind of understand why you might want to kick Diego Costa. He does largely deserve it, doesn’t he?

Red cards might ruin games, as pundits love to tell us, but a really comical one is truly hard to beat. Some of the red cards you are about to see will either have you in tears, giggles or cringing. Sorry about that.

Here are FIVE idiotic reds..

David Beckham

We know you all loves Becks, but its impossible to deny that this has to be one of the most stupid things ever done in a World Cup.

Without being too spiteful, if you’re going to get sent off for a kick, don’t make it a little bit of a tap like that! Tal Ben Haim’s red card this evening was far more satisfying to watch than this heart breaker.

Steven Gerrard

You Liverpool fans might love Stevie G, but this stamp, as part of a red card in under a minute, was the epitome of hot-headed stupidity.

The Liverpool captain could’ve done serious damage to Ander Herrera with this petty little stamp and, ultimately, let his side down in their biggest game of the season.

Gerrard has had his fair share of stupid red cards and could probably make this list up all on his own!

Zinedine Zidane

The most heart breaking end to a career of one of the games all time greats.

But, it was so very funny.

Whatever report you read there is some sort of story of an insult or something somewhere, but you can’t do that, Zinedine. The World Cup was lost and France was a heartbroken nation, how stupid.

Steven Taylor

This red card in itself was pretty stupid, but Taylor’s genius attempt to make it look like he had been shot was the funniest part of it all.

The heroic last ditch defending does bring out some odd things from footballers (John Terry’s header of the ball on the ground) but this was a different level. Taylor managed to make himself a laughing stock for the weekend and probably deserved a longer suspension for bad acting.

John Terry

Terry was so lucky that Chelsea survived on that evenning in Barcelona, after his moronic decision to knee Alexis Sanchez in the back side.

Sanchez did go down like he’d been stabbed, but the Chelsea captain had let down his whole squad with a piece of stupidity that could have cost his club a shot at the Champions League.