TEN footballers and their off-field enterprises

Any professional footballer would tell you it’s a short career and you are a long time retired. So if you’re a player who is used to training every day, playing twice a week and being the talk of the country on a regular basis – what happens when all that ends?

Boxers are renowned for depression when their time in the ring is up and you can see it happening to some footballers. Naturally, the next step is into coaching and management but it is definitely not for everyone. I mean, when Paul Scholes decides it’s time to hang up his boots can you really see him pacing around a dug out or barking out instructions? I don’t think I’ve seen him talk as it is!

So what is a player to do? It would foolish not to plan for the inevitable. More and more of the modern day stars are starting to venture into other areas to pass the time. They don’t need the money, obviously, but how boring would a life be with all the money in the world with nothing to do with it? Below is a list of 10 players who are now involved in hobbies outside of football. Some are expected, like the fascination with horse racing, and others you may find quite surprising. If you know of any other player who divulges in a little extra-curricular activity, feel free to add it below. But keep it clean – I can see a Wayne Rooney joke coming.

Ryan Giggs yoga DVD

The Manchester United star has become renowned over the past few seasons for being an advocate of yoga as it apparently keeps him fit. Being the explosive player he has been, Giggs has been victim of the odd muscle pull over the years and now he has the answer. I could certainly see a career in it for him!

Theo Walcott children’s books

The Arsenal star has penned a deal to become a children’s story writer, of sorts. Working with a secret author, Walcott will be telling stories of his life growing up as a football wonder-kid named ‘JT’. How inspiring…

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Rio Ferdinand’s magazine

If you follow the defender on Twitter, you would think the United man has his fingers in every pie going. But his online magazine, Ferdinand number 5 is dedicated to his love of the music scene. I can definitely see Ferdinand being some kind of producer in a later life.

David Bentley’s bar

Let’s face it, the Spurs winger had to do something else with his time as he wasn’t playing a whole lot of football before his move to Birmingham. Bentley owns his own bar in the holiday destination called the Buddha Beach and was the first Boutique beach club in Marbella. Fancy!

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Michael Owen’s horses

There are plenty of footballers who like to earn a few extra bob on the horses, even the managers have a go. But Michael Owen is probably the biggest around. He owns his own, apparently organised betting rings inside the England dressing room and looks set to make a firm living out of it when he hangs up his boots.

Andy Cole and his rap!

I thought I’d throw this in more for its comedy value than anything else, to be honest. As well as a Manchester United goal-scorer, Andy Cole once fancied himself as a rapper. In all seriousness, there seems to be a natural progression from football to music, but this was just awful or did I mean ‘outstanding’?

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Eric Cantona and Vinnie Jones on the big screen

Two very different players, and two very different actors. Vinnie Jones has starred in ‘Mean Machine’ and ‘Lock Stock’ which sums up the type of role he plays, whereas Cantona prefers to play a more profound character – like in ‘Finding Eric’. It’s a strange career path to take for a footballer, but both have done rather well out of the Hollywood scene!

David James – charities and writing

It’s refreshing to see footballers getting involved in charity work, and the former England number one is certainly no stranger to helping the less fortunate. He may not be have a career out of it, but his work helps those in Africa to find jobs themselves. He also writes a column for the Observer about is other hobby, art, or football, which is a very interesting read (you wouldn’t have a thought it coming from a footballer, would you?) and his proceeds all go to charity.

Daniel Agger tattooist

Looking at him, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that the Liverpool defender is a qualified tattoo artist. What you may find a shock is that the Dane owns two restaurants on Merseyside: an Italian and a Mexican. What a businessman!

Robbie Fowler in real estate

Like many others including John Terry and Gary Neville, the former Liverpool striker now makes a killing owning properties in England and abroad. I give the striker a mention above the rest because he has his own song because of it: “We all live in a Robbie Fowler house!”

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