The 10 January transfers that ‘could have been’

Directors of Football, managers, head coaches, agents and negotiators spend months, seasons and years chasing after a specific footballer, only to reach the final hurdle, prepare for the symbolic handshake of agreement and be suddenly interrupted by some club official who politely informs them the deal is off.

This January transfer window, just like any other, was filled with rumours and alleged deals that no doubt falsely built up the hopes of many-a- football-fan across the country, only for those hopes to be knocked back down with the stark realisation that although a transfer may make footballing sense, business always comes first these days.

Here are the Top Ten Premier League transfers that could and probably should have gone ahead this January but unfortunately didnt. Some were mere figments of imagination from back page hacks, others weren’t financially viable, and a few seemed to be dead certainties, only for discussions to break down at the last second.

So click on David Beckham to check out the Top Ten January transfers that could have been!

PSG midfielder David Beckham

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