The 15 ‘Boy Wonders’ who never lived up to their billing

English football is filled with players who were once on the books at Old Trafford, Anfield, The Emirates or a plethora of other Premier League clubs but didn’t quite make the grade, finding themselves kicking the ball around on a League One pitch and wondering how they let it all slip.

Such names like John Bostock, David Bentley, Xisco and more recently Michael Johnson are the most recent examples of youngsters that never lived up to their billing.

Although it is almost expected that 90% of academy youngsters won’t make it to the level expected of them, there are a few notable individuals who were hotly anticipated for greatness, with all the right tools at their disposal, only to surprise everyone by becoming massive flops.

Here is a list of the Top 15 child prodigies who appeared to be destined to become World Class footballers but sadly never made it. Some turned sour over night, many never recovered from serious injury and few were simply never as good as everyone thought they were.

So click on Sonny Pike below and check out the Top 15 child prodigies who never made it!

 Sonny Pike

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Article title: The 15 ‘Boy Wonders’ who never lived up to their billing

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