The 15 great ´transfer regrets´ within the Premier League

The pitfalls of the transfer market have been all too obvious for managers down the years, who have been quick to trip over their cheque-books in search of the ‘next big thing.’ Although there have been many fantastic moves that have embodied the success of the Premier League era, it must be remembered for every deal that goals well, there will be at least double that figure that fail to work out.

Whether a player struggles to settle to life in their new surroundings, battles with injuries, or is just simply not as talented as he was believed to be, there are many reasons for the vast array of ‘flops’ that have graced the Premiership.

It’s not just those managers who are let loose with their bosses credit cards who display the dangers of the transfer market, with many coaches down the years allowing wonderfully gifted players to slip out of the door for far below their market value.

This list looks at 15 transfer moves that will remain a regret for almost everybody involved.

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