Arguably The 15 ‘most wasted’ talents in the Premier League

The Premier League has deservedly earned itself a reputation as one of the greatest leagues in the world, attracting top players from many different countries. While we’ve seen the likes of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Eric Cantona come to England and enhance their reputations to world class status, there are those who start off as promising talents and never quite fulfil that potential.

Unfortunately, plenty of those players are English as they fail to match the inevitable hype that comes with the tagline of being a home grown starlet. The Premier League is littered with players whose careers simply could have been better and that’s without even considering the ones who’ve dropped out of England’s top flight, sinking without trace.

Plenty of criticism is directed at our football academies for failing to develop players to a similar level to the Spanish for example, but questions also have to be raised about what happens to those enigmas who burst onto the scene before disappearing completely.

Check out ten of the biggest names in the Premier League who should have achieved so much more and five others who wasted their promise entirely.

Click on the Villa starlet Delph below to get the ball rolling

Fabian Delph, Aston Villa midfielder




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