The 15 Premier League footballers victim of their own abilities

All Premier League managers know the benefits of a versatile player. The man who can cover all positions across the back four or slot in the midfield if the side goes down to ten men. These players are regarded as the ultimate squad members, capable of performing to a high standard wherever they play and the fans recognise that.

However, being a jack of all trades  can sometimes be a hindrance for the player themselves. Unable to settle in any specific spot, they can often find themselves relegated to bench duty or filling a particular position while another player is suspended or injured. They spent their careers shunted from place to place, never able to hold down a regular first team slot.

Therefore life being Mr. Versatile isn’t easy, every squad needs them but it can earn you a reputation as a simple squad filler. We take a look at 15 of the Premier League’s most adaptable stars.

Click on Yossi Benyoun to unveil the 15 Jack of all trades

Yossi Benayoun, Chelsea midfielder




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