The 15 Premier League Players simply ‘wasting their career’ at their current club

Looking across the squad lists of various Premier League sides soon shows up players who are simply wasting their time at their current club. Whether they have the skill to achieve better things, aren’t getting the playing time, or are just a little out of their depth, there are plenty of names who should be looking to move on to further their career.

They may have arrived with great hopes and failed to live up to the billing, or quietly gone about their job without the praise they so deserve, but it’s fair to say that there are quite a few players who have outgrown their surroundings.

This is my list of 15 players who are wasting their time with their current employer. Some may seem harsh, but a footballer’s career is relatively short, so they need to play to the best of their ability, while they can.

Click on Wilson Palacios to unveil the 15 players wasting their career



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