The 15 refereeing ‘balls-ups’ that have cost clubs this season

They say it is one of the vital factors in football and sport as a general spectacle; the uncertainty of the thing. But there’s no such time for rose-tinted spectacles when your team is on the receiving end of a contentious decision. This season has been no different in respect of the shock red cards, clear hand balls missed and punished diving when there was clear contact.

Obviously, we would like the referees to get the big decisions right on a more consistent basis, but if it were not for instances such as the next fifteen coming your way, many a punditry panel would be twiddling their thumbs with boredom at the prospect of having nothing to chew over.

So let us take a trip down memory lane and revisit those most argumentative of decisions whereby raised voices, public slating and a few choice words set the tone following these refereeing howlers. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it. The FA must have received quite a hefty combined sum in fines as collected by the dissenting managers following these errors.

Click on the image below to see the 15 Refereeing ‘Balls-Ups’


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