The 15 ‘weirdest’ footballing trends

Footballers have always considered themselves to be trendsetters. Right from the 70’s and 80’s they were on the front-line representing the sort of attire that had no right to see the light of day, let alone the glare of the camera. This has since evolved with players now sporting some truly odd garments and fitness aids during the game, baffling fans and causing eruptions of laughter in the dressing room.

If ever there were proof that modern day footballers have too much time on their hands it can be seen through fashion. Although sometimes it can be excusable in their private life, bringing questionable clothing to the football pitch can open them to ridicule when things go wrong.

This list looks at 15 terrible fads to grace English football down the years, from short shorts, to insulation tape, it’s all here, take a look and try not to question the mental health of our so called ‘idols’.

Click on the short-shorts to unveil the 15 fads



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