The 20 all-time Premier League players who like to ‘cheat the ref’

The art of diving is an all too familiar occurrence in the Premier League, with players, at times, selecting the root to floor over an opportunity to score.

It’s a wide held belief that the phenomenon of simulation is restricted to foreign players, with the English spirit of fair play and sportsmanship making such acts preposterous. While to an extent the import of such acts coincided with the arrival of global talent, more and more home-grown stars are turning to the dark arts, in a bid to aid their team.

With the sheer pace of modern day football, referees face the impossible task of deciding, in a split second, whether said player is the victim or just a crook.

This list looks at 20 players who have frequently opted to bend the rules, exaggerating, and mostly, fabricating contact to aid their teams:

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