The 80 hottest football WAGs you need to be following on Instagram

Oh what it must be to be a professional footballer.

Getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to play the game you love and travel to some of the greatest cities on earth to do it… what a life. And, for reasons we cannot get our heads around, being young, physically fit and rich attracts beautiful women! A real brain buster, that one!

The wives, girlfriends and, occasionally, flings of the superstars are often referred to as WAGs, and this group of women, mainly composed of models, actresses and singers, attract as much, if not more, attention than the players they’re involved with.

Social media has broken down the boundaries between the average person on the street and the lives of these lovely ladies, with Instagram now one of the best ways to check them all out.

But who should you be following? Well, here are 80 of the hottest WAGs out there, and their accounts, to help!

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