The best of Liverpool v Manchester United in 6 seconds

Liverpool v Manchester United is right up there with Barcelona v Real Madrid for the title of best club match within world football and this Monday evening we’re set for a treat, with Jose Mourinho’s side travelling to Anfield for the latest chapter in the history of meetings between the two clubs.

Down the years there has been a lot to remember, including Liverpool fans holding up a banner that read ‘come back when you’ve won 18’ in a hosting of Manchester United in 1994. A decision that, in hindsight, they probably lived to regret.

If you had to pick one moment from this classic fixture though, what would it be? Would it be the 1996 FA Cup final? Would it be Rafael Benitez’s side tearing United apart in 2009? Or would it be one of Steven Gerrard’s eight goals in this fixture?

For us, the answer is simple and the wonder of this famous fixture can be perfectly summed up in one vine. Let’s hope that this evening gives us some memorable moments like this one…