The damning truth behind this Chelsea transfer flop

Has Alexandre Pato played for Chelsea yet? Have you ever wondered if the Duck has made his first appearance in a Chelsea shirt? Or have you ever wanted a handy little website that answers this burning question for you?

Well now you can!

Here’s a handy little site that not only answers this important question but also lets you know how long it’s been since the Brazilian signed for the club, and how long it is taking for Guus Hiddink to give him his debut!

Pato was a fairly shocking January loan signing, a player who is significantly injury prone – having suffered 15 of them in the last six seasons – and with no club other than Chelsea clearly interested in his arrival. His wages are high, and this is a player who was out of contract at the end of the season. Surely Chelsea could have done better, and surely Chelsea didn’t need him to warm their bench in a season that is basically a write-off.

Well, now you’ll never be in the dark as to whether or not Pato has made his debut. You’re welcome.