The latest Premier League-bound innovation?

New innovations in football always generate discussion and, if they are successful, get replicated.

Over the years we’ve seen innumerable new ways of playing the game from the Panenka penalty to the rabona with players performing the moves to varying degrees of success – we’re looking at you, David Dunn.

New ways of doing things in the game always lead to a divide. There are the people who love what some players have tried to do whilst others say certain skills show a complete lack of respect to the opposition or even the game in itself. That may seem extreme but it does run through the game.

Only a couple of weeks ago Dimitri Payet pulled off a rabona against Watford that incensed the Hornets and led them to win the game.

Whatever you think, it’s always interesting to see how players try to change the game and this latest clip of a free-kick in Japan via @FootballStuff is rather eye-opening. Will it catch on?