The Premier League’s most googled teams revealed

This week, the international break means that we’re going to go almost two weeks before we get to sink our teeth into some more juicy club football. Until then, though, the clubs will probably still get most of the coverage right up until England kick off against Malta on Saturday and Slovenia on Tuesday.

That’s the way of the world these days: even though the England manager left his job in a tawdry scandal, and even though more accusations are levelled against more managers, the fact that the Manchester clubs failed to win and both North London clubs were there to take advantage with varying degrees of emphasis will take centre stage for the next few days.

What does that mean? Well, that means you’ll all be googling your favourite teams with familiar regularity – perhaps more given the international break is so boring – to find all the latest news and insight into your club.

Thankfully, website has looked into Google’s search keywords to find out who are the most googled clubs in the Premier League over the month of August. It’s not an exact science because the sample size is fairly small, but you’d imagine the general trend will be pretty similar throughout the rest of the year!

So where does your club rank? And if it ranks lowly, will you spend the next two weeks searching your club to boost their numbers? Here’s the countdown!