The Premier League’s top TEN ‘Great Underachievers’

The dictionary defines Underachieving as ‘do less well than expected’ and that isn’t a difficult thing to do in football. There are a ton of players who have fallen by the wayside and failed to make the strides expected of them during their career. They come in all shapes and sizes from expensive foreign talents to fresh faced youngsters preparing themselves for first team football only to suddenly become aware of the fact it’s 15-years into the future and they’ve failed to live up to their potential.

Since the birth of the Premier League in 1992 you could argue there has been more underachieving players than there has been successful ones. Obviously that is down to the fact only Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers have managed to lift the famous trophy but success isn’t always measured on the trophy scale. Even those clubs have had certain players who have failed to make the grade and underachieved to a frightening level. All too often you see players like this who are labelled as ‘dependable members of the squad’ or ‘great characters in the dressing room’ where in reality they are actually mediocre out on the pitch but too good to let go.

They are players who divide opinions in the stands with one half admiring his dedication and 100% effort out on the field whilst the other half see lack patience and see him as someone who will never improve or harness the talent that was once afforded to him. Unfortunately in the unforgiving realm of top flight football it is all too easy to be float effortlessly into obscurity and end up with a career showed in what might have beens.

Click on Fernando Morientes to see the top 10 great underachievers


Putting together a list of 10 underachievers was a challenge in itself so if you think my choices are unsuitable and you have a better suggestion please drop by my twitter and we’ll enter into a discussion about it. Follow me @Kajynnep 

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